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LUCIA LEON - Ceramicist …..   A gifted ceramicist from North West Tasmania, Lucia’s love of nature                                                         and colour combine to create vibrant pieces of art.  Each piece is                                                         unique and individually handcrafted.

CHICK GORDON - Painter……

JILLI SPENCER - Mixed Media Artist

A mixed media artist with skills across a seemingly endless range of media, Jilli Spencer is driven by a need to keep creating, experimenting, reusing, recycling.


An energetic and highly creative potter, Helen Williams is thoroughly hooked on the stimulating process of working with clay. Her obsession started during her early school days, and has never stopped.


The challenge of “painting” with needle and thread hooked Winsome when she was six, and she has never stopped creating pictures from stitches.  She takes inspiration from nature, particularly from the cottage garden with its rambling greens and pastels – not unlike her own garden on the hill overlooking Burnie.

Chick Gordon is a painter whose love of life, people and travel bounds out of her work in joyous colours and exuberant brush strokes.